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Friday, January 15, 2021

My Birthday...My Transformation

 In the beginning...God created me in His image.

Somewhere in between...the world redefined that image with its backstabbing, lied on and lied about, misuse, abuse, rape, unacceptance, abandonment, deceit, gossip, slander, etc.

Then... I redefined it even more with my rebellion, sexual impurity, stealing, lying, gossiping, name-calling, back bitting, betrayal, deceit, slander, idol worship, etc. Regardless of my reasons, instead of following the rule to treat others the way I wanted to be treated, I began to treat others the way others treated me.

I, After I lost everything and gained it back, I learned:
- My strongholds could only be removed by prayer and fasting.
-If I rescued someone once I would have to continue to rescue them so it is best to lead them to the source that does the rescuing.
-If you are willing to do everything for someone, they'll let you and then blame you when it doesn't
work out.
-Every now and then it is okay for me to take time out just for myself without the stigma of being
-I don't have to feel bad about the success and blessings the Lord has given me in my life.
-Love those that despitefully use me cause in time they'll realize who I am.
-That just because people have a title doesn't mean that I should believe what they say. There is a
the reason the Lord says that His sheep know His voice.
-You don't have to tell someone off just because they have offended you. You can simply tell them
that they have offended you.
-Just because you forgive or have been forgiven, it doesn't mean you forget; therefore, you should
speak the forgiveness every time you remember.
-People come and go, but those that remain and fight the good fight shall receive the promise.
- There is no guilt or shame for a truly repentant person.

There is much more, but I will leave it at that for this birthday. The world may not be perfect, and I may not be all that I should be, but God shall have the victory and finish the work He started in me before the world knew me.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your kingdom and for giving me the tools to help build it and for doing your will on earth as it is in heaven. Father, thank you for this day and for my spiritual, as well as, my natural food on this day. Thank you Father for guiding my footsteps from the sins mentioned above and all other temptations that are common to me, and for delivering me from those that seek to harm me or mean nothing but evil towards me. Forgive me Lord for my sins mentioned above and even the sins that I committed unknowingly as I forgive those that I have hurt. Also, Father forgive me as I ask those in the past that I have hurt to forgive me as I also forgive myself. Father, you said that there is no condemnation for them that love the Lord. I thank you Father for those that you have allowed to stay in my life and for the ones that you have taken away...thank you for removing them. It's my birthday Father once again...Here I AM LORD...TRANSFORM ME! In Jesus Christ Name I pray...Amen

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